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Some Wrong Ideas About SEO

Hello guys, We know what is  Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ). Also, we have discussed Is it Right To Choose SEO as a Career? and How to write SEO Friendly Content? before. Today we will know some wrong ideas about SEO. So, let’s start.

Keyword and Link is All in all

Those who work with SEO always think that Single Keyword Searching and Link Building will make their site ranking top in search.

Many SEO experts proved false during this year. Googles HummingBird Update says They give more priority to “Full context of query” then single keyword research. Also, geographical locations of traffic also affect more than single keywords.

Wrong Ideas About SEO

Backlinks from Comments

Many people spend their time to make backlink from comments on other blog or forum. Building link via commenting on the blog post doesn’t give special benefits. Also, Search Engines don’t give enough priority to the links from the comment section and give then a red flag. It’s happening because of improvements of Google algorithm and the no-follow policies of blog sites.

Wrong Ideas About SEO

Google is everything

You will find many people who do their SEO targeting only Google. It is found in research that, 66 percent of people around the world use google to search. But did you think about the rest 34 percent? They use bing, ask and other search engines. And the number counts at billions. So it is important to give priority to other search engines too.

Wrong Ideas About SEO

Advertising controls Search engines!

It’s a common belief that search engines have an impact on the organic search result for advertisers. Also, many people think that PPC has an effect on the organic search result.

But, Google makes these thoughts baseless too. Google says the following rules for their paid search.

Quantity is more Important the Quality

The first wrong idea of SEO and I am talking about it last. Every new blogger thinks that they will rank their content with thousands of words. It’s actually not like that. Now, googles algorithm is so much power that it can detect your content quality and shows its user search results by it.

Wrong Ideas About SEO

So to improve your website try to fix this points that you are doing wrong. Hope you will get a better result.


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