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You can bring your website to the top page of google by writing SEO friendly content. In the present context, without SEO friendly content you can’t imagine blogging or revenue. Google adds new updates to their search algorithm every time. Currently, they giving more priority to the quality of content. So now search engines not giving rank to small and those articles which have no standard.

seo friendly content

The importance of writing SEO friendly Articles

Every blogger has a target to show their content on the first page of google search. If your blog has a good number of quality and SEO friendly content you won’t need to run on search engines. The search engine will show your content on the first page of the search. Webmasters know this well that “Traffic=Cash”. This is really the truth. If you have no visitor you website worth nothing. You can earn more if you can bring more visitor and search engine is the way where you will get huge traffic. For this, we will follow some instruction. Hope it will help you in your SEO strategy.

Tips for writing quality and SEO friendly content

  • Try to write a big article every time. Google wants to show their user those content which has more pieces of information. For ideal content, it will help you if you write articles between 300-1500 words.
  • Use your focus keyword in the title. A reader first reads your title and that’s why you just need to make your title more attractive. For example Download Free books of Online Income, How to develop your career, How to “keyword”.
  • Try to set your keyword destiny to 2-3%. It means if you write a 100-word article you must use your keyword 2-3 time. Using too much focus keyword is known as keyword stuffing. This is known as search engine over optimized. Search engines totally ignore this kind of articles. So try to avoid writing this kind of articles while you are writing SEO friendly articles.
  • Use H1/H2 heading tags. i.e. when we read a newspaper we read the heading most of the time.

seo friendly content

  • Try to bold, italic or underline your keywords.
  • Set your text size to 15 and try to make it user-friendly. Make you content human-friendly, not for the search engines.
  • Use image in the important point of your content. Also, use alt=”image keyword” to your image. It will make more SEO friendly content.
  • Bold or underline some important point of your article.
  • Ask readers to share your articles after the conent. Google give priority to those contents which has more shares in social media. So, ask for share or giving opinion via comment to your readers.
  • Finally, post contents that are necessary for readers. Try to inform them about latest updates of your niche. This will help you make more SEO friendly content.

seo friendly content

Using the right keyword

The keyword is the main important part of making a seo friendly article. You cant imagine SEO without a keyword. Also, you need to use your keyword in the main title. Try to add a meta description of your content using focus keyword. Use h1,h2,h3,h4,h5,h6 title tag and alt tag in images.

Make your keyword bod and try to put them at the beginning and end of the content.

Do not copy others content. It won’t make you a blogger.


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