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.htaccess is a very important topic to a Web Developer. For making your website SEO friendly, Security and solving other issues you need to use .htaccess. Some new developer knows about .htaccess and tries to solve their problems and some don’t know what it is really. You can also find .htaccess related freelancing jobs in the Freelance sector too. I will try to publish .htaccess related articles.


This is a configuration file which used in Apache Web Server. This file has no name, .htaccess is an extension. It’s a hidden file. Generally, it can be found in root server of your host.

If you don’t see .htaccess file in your cPanel try to allow show hidden file when opening your file manager. Or you can create this file yourself.

How to create a .htaccess file?

Very simple. Open you Filemanager from cPanel and click on the Create New File. name id ( .htaccess ) and save . You created your .htaccess .

Or you can create it on your PC and upload it to your root. Open a text editing software like Notepad or Notepad ++ and create a new document. Save it name .htaccess and select file type for all files. Then upload it.


How .htaccess works?

Many people ask how this file workes or where should I place it? Before knowing the answers you need to know how it workes? In simple words,  we can compare using .htaccess to CSS. If we select Body tag in CSS and set the font size to 14px, All texts from body tag will show you 14px size fonts. Again if we select a separate tag from the body and set the font size to 16px it will show 16 sized fonts in that tag. The function .htaccess also workes in the same way. It means if you place the file in your root directory it will affect your root directory files and if you put it in some sub-directories it will affect only to the content of that sub-directory.

Hope you guys got an idea on .htaccess. will write about some .htaccess tricks and tips in my latest blog post.

See you soon.

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