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What is Email Marketing?

What is Email Marketing? Email Marketing is the most effective way to deliver product in easy, cheap and fastest way in digital marketing. This is not a matter what you are selling, you can send your service to the public with just one click.

Before starting email marketing you need to know some basic things like spam, bounce, email subject, email template, email campaign etc.


In the language of email, spam means unwanted email which comes without receivers interest or permission. Purpose of spam is also marketing but people usually don’t check their spam emails. Email service provider has some solid filters which can figure out which mail would place in the inbox and which should go to the spam. Spam mail causes because of sending without further permission of the user, sending only images, using a spamming word like free offer etc.


Email bounce means the rejection from a user. It can happen for some causes like invalid email if the receiver’s email has no blank space if the email service provider got down or containing any spams. There are two types of bounce available. Hard Bounce and Soft Bounce.

Email subject

The first thing that catches our eye is is Title. We take the decision whether we are gonna read or not after reading the title. So, it is important to build an eye-catching Title which is going to attract you a targeted customer. A 50-word Title related to content has much probability to get opened.

Email template

Email Template

The design we use to send for our product for promotion through the email is a template. This has a link connecter to our website and if anyone wants he can visit it from their emails.

Email campaign

The total email sending process is known as an email template. List creating, uploading subscriber, signup form, design making, segment or group, template design and sending contains in a campaign.

Benefits of email marketing

In past, email was only used for communications. Buy now every small and big corporation use email marketing to promote their service. There are so many benefits available for email marketing. So check them out.

  • You can earn more with less work.
  • It will bring a huge targeted visitor to your website.
  • You don’t need any high paying hosting cost for email marketing
  • Email marketing can bring you revenue by publicity of your website, selling service, sell products or via affiliate marketing.
  • You don’t need to buy an office space for email marketing
  • No need for additional hardware for email marketing.

Email Marketer

Why Email Marketing?

People try to read their emails every day doesn’t matter where he is like office, home or traveling. So, you can easily promote your service to customers. Some statistics will clear what is Email Marketing‘s importance.

  1. When 0.59% people buying products from social media, 4.24% are buying from Email marketings.
  2. Email marketing is 40% more effective than social media marketing like facebook or twitter.
  3. 72% people like getting a promotional post through their email. The rate is 17% only in social media.
  4. Getting clicks from email marketing is 6 times higher than twitter campaign.
  5. Return on Investment is 41%

A survey conduct by Adestra shows, 85% companies are going to fully depend on email marketing within 2019. 89% Marketers thinks that the primary step in getting a customer is email marketing. 76% customer tells they buy product getting offer from email.


How to start Email Marketing?

Afer learning what is email marketing, to start Email Marketing first think you need an email list. You can buy an email list from online or collect email from different sources who want to get your service. You can do eMail Marketing following this steps.

Set your goal

First of all, set what you want to do. Do you want to sell your products? want to let people know about your brand or trying to bring traffic to your website?

Select your Email marketing service provider.

You can send thousands of emails to your customer one by one. A service provider will help you to do this. MailChimp, AWeber, Getresponse are one of them.

mail chimp

Keep this points in your mind when you are starting making lists.

  • Tell your customer which facilities they’re going to receive
  • You are not going to spam
  • How many emails you are going to send him
  • What discount he is going to have
  • His email id is secure


Email Subject and Template

Give an attracting subject to your mail, Take 20 minutes to write a Title if necessary. Do research with other titles. Select a good, simple template with full of resource.

Set your Email sending limits.

How many emails you are going to send a day, decide it. are you gonna send daily, weekly or monthly?

Do some observation

You need to do the main work in this step. Check your mail subject is okay or not, emailing time, images are your email going to spam or not. Try to fix up your problems.

Continue your mail collection

When you are running a marketing campaign, try to collect new mail list when you got a chance. Use landing page, survey tool, pop up the plugin, facebook etc to collect email address.


Email Marketing in Affiliate Marketing

An Affiliate marketer also can depend on email marketing. Just by email marketing, an affiliate marketer can create a marketing campaign collecting products from an affiliate site and make 500-20000 $ per month.


Email Marking as Freelancing?

As you know what is email marketing, you need to know the job submission in freelancing marketplace is increasing day by day and a freelancer has to face a tough competition for this. There are some other jobs also available in Marketplace which has high job opportunities with less competition. Email marketing is one of them. A good news for freelancers is the number of email marketing related jobs in Upwork is increasing highly. 15% of Upwork jobs are email marketing related. A freelancer can earn 8-10$ hourly working in up work. And they can make it high with their working experience. So it will be a wise decision if you take email marketing as your freelancing career.



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