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Today we will talk about Website Bounce Rate. Website bounce rate is harmful to any website. If you are reading this article you already have some idea about bounce rate. Even then let’s know what is bounce rate? Bounce rate is the percentage of that visitor of your website who leaves your website after visiting the just first page but don’t visit another page of the website.

This is really a matter of frustrating. You do  Search Engine Optimization ( SEO )  and write SEO Friendly Content for your visitor by very hard work and if the visitor leaves your website without reading content it really hurts. What can be worse than this?

You can track your website bounce rate using Google Analytics. It will show the website bounce rate on every page of your website. You can also keep eye on your website traffic behavior by Google Analytics Tool. You can easily find the reason behind your high bounce rate.


Generally, the normal website bounce rate is like 50%. But if it crosses 60% you need to worry a little. If the Bounce rate of your website is over 80% it is a big problem for you. It will harm your site reputation. Also, if you have adsense activated on your site it can cause an account ban from adsense.

So guys, If there is a problem, there is also a solution available too. Let’s check why it causes high bounce rate and how to reduce it.

Website Design

There is an English proverb “First Impression is the last impression”. So you understand you need to design your website as if anybody likes it the first time they visit. Try to avoid animation ads on your site. Make your site for visitors, not for advertisers. Also, remove unwanted graphics. Try to keep your design simple.

Correct information or Keyword

The internet is the ocean of information. You can get any kind of information from here. A visitor surfs one site to another for collecting the quality information. So, if you can’t give your readers the quality article they will leave your website. So try to create your content with full of resources and keywords. How to write SEO Friendly Content? this article will give you direction on writing good quality content. If a visitor likes your article once he will be your regular reader. So, keep your focus on writing quality content and keep your visitors and it will help you reduce your Website bounce rate.

Website Bounce Rate

Site Loading Time effects on Website Bounce Rate!

If your website takes too much time to load it will affect your bounce rate. To solve this problem, use good web hosting with high uptime and loading time. You can use cache app and image optimization to reduce your website loading time.

Not Having Related Post

Related post after your blog post shows the visitor the other similar content on your website. When a reader reads a post he tries to know more about the topic and he can find it from the related post. So if there are no related post option available in your content the visitor will automatically close his webpage. And it causes to getting high bounce rate. So, try to add related contents to your blog post.

Non-user-friendly Navigation

Website Bounce Rate

You need care about your site navigation and it must be user-friendly. For example, adding back to top option in the footer so a visitor can easily scroll up. Also, if your website shows any splash page before loading then it will help you increasing high bounce rate. So, avoid using this kind of stuff on your website.

Not having an option for the visitor.

Try to add some options to your site for the visitors so they can do discussions. Above all, you need sure visitors participation in your site. It will make the visitor more attractive to your website and help you keep the visitor for a long time on your website.

Avoid over excess of Advertising

Keep in mind that your site is for visitors not for the advertisement. If you can get the regular traffic it will automatically bring revenue to your pocket. Once a visitor starts feeling pain visiting your website he will never back. So, for reducing your Website bounce rate avoid using unnecessary ads.

Write contents for readers, not Search Engines.

Search Engine Optimization

What search engine gives you? Traffic? and What traffic wants? good posts. So if you want to keep your traffic focus on writing quality content which will help a visitor. Not for the search Engines with full of unnecessary keywords. Also, you need write content with the good number of keywords. no less no more. If you want to low your website bounce rate you need to avoid these unwanted keywords and write quality content.

This points will help you reduce your website bounce rate. If you have any information to know or have any queries leave a comment.

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