Way to Overcome Freelancing Barriers2 min read

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Many new freelancers go unsuccessful after having great experiences. We know that we can earn 10k, 20k, 50k even 100k per month from online but we can not find our desired success for some silly mistakes. Today I will discuss some points which are a barrier to your freelancing career and how to overcome this.

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Way to Overcome Freelancing Barriers

Not having enough idea (Mind Setup):

Mant thinks they will earn lots of money overnight. That the main obstacle to building a light freelancing career. So, they search for work some days then stops it with depression. You need to prove your Perseverance here.

Sticking at the research:

Some stay on this stage forever. Like you want to start affiliate marketing. After learning the basics you started to research, then you go frustrated thinking how could I face this competition! Apply what you learned.

I need to be expert in every category:

I need to learn everything to become a pro is another mistake you are doing. You don’t need to be expert on every subject. Target a career and learn its topics like a pro. Don’t waste your time learning everything.


Not having sufficient guideline and working plan for the project:

you should have a complete guideline and working plan for your job. How much you want, what time you will need to discuss with your client. Don’t apply for those job post that you have confusion on success.

Not taking advice from successful freelancer

You need a good mentor for every stage of your life then why you don’t want to get support from a successful freelancer? Create a friendly relation with freelancers and share your experience and take tips.

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The repeated decision changes:

you are changing your plan continuously. It has been found that you are changing your plan without getting success in current one. Try every job in the small amount and changing plans is a big problem.

Not looking for the reason when you fail in a project

You will fail in every subject is not true. If you go unsuccessful with a project try to figure out where you have done mistakes. Try to not doing the same mistakes in next project.


Not having productivity

You are surfing the internet all day, but at last, you find you did nothing and facing problem in keeping the focus on a fixed subject.

You and I all face this problem more or less. To overcome this you need a successful mentor who passed this problem and made him as a great web entrepreneur.

Iftekhar Hossain Pritom

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