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Want to move your freelancing career one more step? For you today I am going to give some Upwork Tips which will help you build a successful career in this coming year. When you complete a job with success and full of client satisfaction he will definitely rehire you for his next project or he is gonna recommend you to others. And this Upwork tips will definitely help you make a professional and successful career.

It is most important to make Reputation.

In business or Upwork, it is important to make a good reputation which comes from your past working experience. It has a longterm effect on building a successful career in upwork when a client search for a freelancer. You past working experience will make your client realized that how good you are.

Upwork Tips

Before taking a new project

Having hope and Enthusiasm for getting a job is obviously a great thing. But it doesn’t mean you are going to bid every job. Select the project which you can do perfectly within time.

These 5 Tips going to help you when you are taking a project.

Understand the Job Description

Try to understand the job requirements of a client. What do they want? Can you really do what a client wants?

Check the Time period

Can you complete the project within the deadline? If you want or need more time to finish a project, clear it with the client before you start.

Be sure you are perfect

Again, bee 100% sure you can do the job. Don’t even apply for a job if you have confusion

Clear communication

Participate in the interview and prove yourself to the client that you are the perfect one for the job.  Clear things about the job and tell the client that when you can finish it. Always try to communicate with the client when he wants.

Routine your time

A great upwork tips try to make a chart of your time. How much you are going to spend for the job and try to do with your best skills.

Upwork Tips

Before starting the project.

It is hard to determine how successful you are going to finish your job. Communication may help you. Try to communicate with other freelancers if you are doing a group project.

Do a Meeting with your coworkers

This is one of those upwork tips I give to a new freelancer is trying to make a meeting before starting the job. You can do skype, phone, hangout or other apps for making a virtual meeting.

Set how to work together. 

It is important to work together when you are working on a group project. You can divide project work with one another and keep sending updates to your client.

Make a Deadline. 

Set a deadline for your client. Tell him you’re going to finish your task within this time period. Use upworks message option when dealing the deadline. Because after a project if a client gives you bad review about the deadline you can show proof to upwork.

Resources of your project

Take all the resources you need to finish the job. tell your client what you need. Don’t tell your client you need this, you need that after starting the project.

Be realistic

If you realize you can’t do something notify the client immediately. Don’t make your project messy. It will affect your reputation if you submit an incomplete job.

Upwork Tips

During the project

Communication, respect, and Sensitivity are very important to make a professional relationship.


Communicate with your client when you are continuing your project and send him updates on your progress although your client asks you or not.

Give respect to your deadline

Always try to complete your job within the time period. If you feel you cant do it within deadline after fixing a time tell it to your client before. Tell him when you can finish your work.


If you have any doubt about your project or need something to know ask your client about it. Don’t be afraid of asking anything to your client. You need to be confident with your personality.

Be responsive

Reply within 1-2 hours if the client sends you any message. A client can get worried about his project if a freelancer doesn’t respond to his message. So try to be online with your clients working time. You can follow this upwork tips. 

Ask for Feedback. 

Tell your client to give you feedback. It will realize the clients that how interested you are with the project. You maybe get rehired from the same client if he likes your attitude.


End of the project

The first impression helps you get the job and the last expression will help you get a great feedback and future projects from a client.

Ensure that your client has full satisfaction

When you are submitting your final project ask your client is he happy with your work or did you completed your job with full satisfaction? Tell him to clarify if he wants something more. If you do a five-star job your client gives you a five-star rating he will like to work with you regular.

Complete your agreement

End your job when you finished your job after submitting and receiving the project from your client. A client gives feedback on the job ends. Ask him to give you a feedback if you have done a great job.

I remember my first upwork job was only a 20$ project. But the client gives me a great feedback which helped a lot to get other jobs.

Also, A upwork tips that I give everyone try to put your portfolio and related works when you are submitting a job proposal. It makes a client sure that yes he can do my job and he did it before.

So, best of like for you new freelancers. You can share your experience too.


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