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Earlier on we learn what you need to know to start web designing! today we will discuss some basic and advanced thing we need to know to start web development. 

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The main two language you need to know to start web development are:

  • HTML
  • CSS

These two are markup language, not programming language. You can build a static website using HTML and PHP.

Then you need to know

  • PHP
  • SQL

PHP is a programming language and SQL is a database language. you can build a dynamic website using PHP and SQL.

Then if you learn Javascript you can build an interesting and eye catching website or web software.

Moreover, you need some graphics work when you Start Web Development and design. For this, you can use Photoshop and Illustrator.

start web development


You can build a web apps using C, python or visual basic. If you think about speed, C will be your better choice.

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What is Markup and Programming Language?

HTML and CSS both are markup language. there is some markup language available. This two language will show those result that you code another over the code. It can not follow your command because it’s a markup language. But if you use programming languages like PHP or Javascript and command it to do the sum of 5+5 equals what? it will give you a result. that’s why its known as a programming language. There are lots of programming language available besides PHP and Javascript

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What is Static and Dynamic?

We can build our website in two ways. One is Static and another one is Dynamic. Where we cant do any changes like adding or removing the page, content design without changing the code is a Static Website. And where we can do this with options and commands without changing the codes is Dynamic Website.

For Example, check facebook. we can update our Facebook profile anytime we can like adding friends uploading images or deleting posts. This is possible because Facebook is a dynamic website.

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How to create a website?

First a web designer designs a web page layout. Basically they use photoshop to build a stucture. But our web browser will not understand the image designs. For making this design undesrstandable to a web browser we can use web codings like HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript and many more. A developer first codes this image structure into a static website using HTML and CSS then uses PHP, Javascript and SQL to give it advanced features.

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How to Start Web Development?

Give your full steady in one thing. You cant learn everything of web development at any time period. Add your self to different communities where expert shares their experience and opinions. Web development is a thing that changes with time. you will get new features and technology because developer are developing this things. Start with basic photoshop first. then start coding your website with HTML and CSS. youtube can be your best teacher. i learned web development by surfing the internet. There are many pro bloggers working to give you latest web development tips. i personally prefer w3schools for learning the basic coding. check different types of websites regularly. you will get ideas. you can earn a good amount after learning web development because there are huge demand of web developer in freelancing marketplaces.

I tried to give you an idea in simple language to Start Web Development . leave a comment if you have any queries.


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