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If you want to be successful in Freelancing sector you must need to learn work first.  Then you can try applying for Jobs. I saw many successful people in freelancing who loved their work firs. They do it with their passion. Passion will bring you to success not the temptation to money.

I will try to give you a guide line if you are new to freelancing and want to start. If you are feeling confusion between choosing graphics designing and SEO for their freelancing career, hope this article will help you compare them.

Many ask the same question that,  Where I will income more money?

My answer to them is If you have great knowledge and experience about your selected job category you can earn a lot of money.

SEO vs Graphics Designing

Income sector of Seo


Love blogging? Know how to bring targeted traffic to your blog? Then Adsense will be your great option to make money from online. If you can maintain adsense policies and write quality content regularly you can earn 200$-5000$ per month from adsense. For this, you can use WordPress as your blogging platform.


Affiliate Marketing

Selling products from an affiliate site is known as Affiliate marketing. When a customer buys a product from your affiliate link you will receive a percentage from the seller. If you do blogging you can affiliate marketing easily. Write a good user review of the product and tell people why it will be best to buy and it will bring you profit.


Do you want to be an enterpreuner? You can start an ecommerce site and do marketing for it. You can earn. Remember, Google is a part of SEO. The Circumference of SEO is as wide as you can’t imagine. So you can be successful if take the right step.

Doing for others

Those who want to promote their product and content over the internet do SEO for them. You can work as a full-time SEO specialist for a firm and can make minimum 1000$ per month for their project.

Market Place

If you don’t want to be bound to any company or firm for a lifetime, you can find SEO related jobs in the marketplace. Buyers try to find SEO specialist in the marketplace for their tasks. So you can do their jobs and make money. Upwork will be the best choice for you to start working online.


Opportunities for Graphics Designer

Designing Competition

Only by participation in the competition, you can earn a lot from Graphics designing. Do you have a creative mind? can create new designs? There are so many marketplaces for you. Only by winning a competition you can earn 300 to 1200$. is one of them.

Selling Design 

There is some site where you can post your design for sale. Buyers come and choice there design and buys. You can sell your design as much as you like. It means you can earn from selling a single design again and again. It depends on what design you submitted for sales. For this will be a great choice for you.


Collecting job by Bidding

If you have enough working experience and have a good number of the item in your portfolio, you can start bidding for jobs in the marketplace. I will advise you to apply for job after having a good number of working samples. Because when you apply for a job showing related working experience, It is easier to win the job. For finding jobs online will be best for you.


There is also some marketplace where freelance post their qualifications and upload their portfolios and rate for selected working categories. Clients come and choose their freelancer to do their job. Then they pay’s. A great marketplace for this kind of job is


Can I Income after learning work?

Don’t be tempted seeing this great career oppotunities. Learn first, be tempted to be skilled. Once you are skilled, Money will come tom you. You will income because there are so many job sectors. So don’t dream only.apply your skills to make money.

What you need? 

  • Guideling
  • Trainning
  • Hard Work
  • Perseverance
  • Effort

You can not make money if you dont learn. Also dont try to make money while learning. Try to make complete skills on your subject then think about income.


In this blog, I will try to give you a direction how to start the Journey of your freelancing career. Hope you can learn lots of stuff which will help you make a bright future in freelancing.


Iftekhar Hossain Pritom

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