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For earning money online SEO or Search Engine Optimization can be your best way.  My article is for those who want to start an SEO career. In my recent articles, i tried to write about what is SEO and some basic things about keyword research.

In the age of Computer the definition of Job changing day by day. It is believed that The future corporate world will be a big virtual world. People can directly contact your office from anywhere in the world through a computer device. By changing the time the Freelancing sector is going more popular day by day. And many people around the world choosing SEO as their career.


What is SEO?

As I have written before about SEO, I will give you a short explanation today.

Working with a search engine and marketing your product is known as SEO. When we search something over google for any information we try to find our answers on the first page or first 10 suggestion. But if you take a look, it shows millions of results in some millisecond. The job of SEO is to bring your business to the top of searches. Method of bringing traffic to a new site SEO.

There are two kinds of SEO available

  • On Page SEO
  • Off Page SEO



What to do in SEO

You can do your search engine optimization in different ways. First of all, you need to set your website related keywords. Then making quality content with those keywords and submitting them to a search engine. Also making a user-friendly front-end design, using right meta tag and descriptions, making backlinks, using social media, XML sitemap etc. This helps you making your site to get a high rank in Search Engine.


What you need for SEO

The main key to success in SEO Career is to be talented and skilled. You must understand what is your client’s requirement. Try to read the Job description before applying for any Job. It also depends on how you communicate with your client. If you have to know what to do very well but don’t know how to make a good communication with your client it will harm your career. When you are doing a job, try to complete it within a deadline. If you can, try to finish it before the deadline. Also, you need a good Personal Computer and a fast internet connection. Sometimes a client wants to communicate with you directly with a webcam. So set everything ready for that.

Selecting job type according to skill

As I mentioned before, SEO has so many parts. If you want to be a Pro in targeted part select it first and study more and more about it.  Search your targeted categories of SEO. then look for job postings from clients. I will suggest you learn some hard SEO techniques with low job postings. It will make a professional in targeted category quickly.

and Do not try to bid on Job posting if you have any lack of experience. Give time, learn more. Then apply.


Selecting SEO Market Place

The marketplace is the place where freelancers try to find clients. And those who give Job are Buyer or Clients. If you are giving service you are a provider or Freelancer. Freelancer tries to apply for job post which suits him most. Clients select his deadline of job delivery and put a short description to his work. Freelance applies to Job posting with a cover letter including a message that contains his qualifications and goal. If a client likes a proposal he tries to communicate with the freelancer for discussing in details. After a great interview, a freelancer starts his job and tries to deliver it within the deadline. When he delivers after completing the job clients pays.

There are some top rated Freelancing sites where you can get SEO related Jobs

seo career


Why do you need to learn SEO?

Search engine optimization I a modern career. If you want to be a web entrepreneur or a webmaster you must learn SEO. Further, if you want to be a successful freelancer you can learn SEO. If you have a personal computer, an internet connection and good knowledge in English you can start Learning SEO today. Also if you like to write content you can earn from putting Google Adsense on your website.


There is no lack of working areas for a Skilled Search engine optimizer. Primarily a search engine optimizer can get a job from, etc. In this site almost every second someone posting an SEO related job. If you can manage job outside freelancing marketplace you can a lot.

Type of SEO related job at freelancing sites

  • Getting 1st position in search
  • Forum posting
  • Link building
  • On Page optimization
  • Bookmarking, etc

You can earn from 2 $ to 2000 $ in an SEO project. You earning will depend on your result.


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Stay with me for more SEO and freelancing related tips. Have a good day.

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