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You can recover your WordPress password in two ways. Through Email and Database. Normally people do their password recovery via email. But what if you forget the email id too? I Know that’s slightly impossible but this is also possible forgetting email id too. Or if you want to change passwords for other users easily together, you can do this with the database.

So let’s start. I will show two methods. One for localhost or local server and one from your cPanel.

Recover WordPress Password when you are using localhost.


First, start you Local Host server and start Apache and MySQL
wordpress password recovery 1
Then type http://localhost/phpmyadmin/ in your browser and open your phpMyadmin. Now you are viewing your database.
Select your database where you installed your WordPress. In my case, I found it on the left side naming wp. Open your database.
wordpress password recovery 1
As you can see the list of the user of your site.  Click on edit option that I marked. Here you can also do another thing. Many people want to change their WordPress username. But it is impossible to do from WordPress dashboard. You can also change your WordPress username from here too.
wordpress password recovery 1
After Clicking the Edit button you will see this page. As I said you can also change your wp username from here too. For changing the Password, click the arrow button from user_pass option and search for MD5. There are also some more options. You need to select the MD5. You can see a password already placing in the field. Change it to whatever you want. Press the go button after putting the new password.
There you go. You have successfully changed your WordPress user password. Now go to your admin area and try to login with your new password.

How to change it from cPanel?

It’s also simple as you have done it for localhost. You need to login into cPanel and just need to go to the phpmyadmin Settings only.
wordpress password recovery 1
Then select your database and do it as you have done before.
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