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Making some facebook post is not marketing and if you post your product on facebook you are not a marketer. Surprized? Yes, if you are thinking to be a successful marketer you need to walk a long way. It may make some profit in less time to you, but if you want some long terms success, you need to change your strategies. Today I will try to discuss those mistakes in Marketing or Promotion that you are doing

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Mistakes in Marketing or Promotion


Don’t do your marketing like a salesman. It spoils brand value. That means you are only telling about your product all over your wall or page as a promotion.

Suggestion: Don’t make your marketing annoyance to anyone. Act like professionals and keep it in your mind.


You are starting marketing without proper analysis of your competitor. This is a planless marketing and major mistakes in marketing or promotion.

Suggestion: Analyse your competitors. Check what strategy they are following to grow their market and make a better strategy for them.

Mistakes in Marketing


It is harmful to brand to use promotional post regularly. This is not marketing. Your customer will not come back once they feel you are annoying.

Suggestion: Keep your marketing content and the normal content ratio between 1:3. If you post promotional post 30%, post-normal contents 70%. After getting this suggestion, many fail and post 100% promotional posts.


The great asset of marketing is content. Many know this but they forgot to plan their strategies. For the reason, many create contents but can’t get enough result.

Suggestion: Try to keep in mind that which conversion you are wanting when making a content. Create your content with it you will find your result even with a small content.


Many marketers try to make happy Google when they are creating contents. One thing always rounds in their mind is that how to rank my content? That’s why they make a big number of contents.

Suggestion: You are making your content to attract a human, not a robot like google! Think what a human wants and try to fill their necessity. If you love your customers and write content thinking about them. Google will automatically give you present. This marketing structure will help you. AIDEA

  • Attention
  • Interest
  • Desire
  • Engagement
  • Action

Mistakes in Marketing


A marketer doesn’t think much about making diversity to their marketing. Or they give low priority to making any diversity.

Suggestion: You obviously need to do experiments with your content. You can make short content, article, image content, video content, quiz content, live video content etc. It will make attraction to your customers and remember, try to not posting same style content continuously.


Made a strategy and started it. But not giving consistency to it. Posting a content today, and forgot about planning for a new content. You better stop marketing right now.

Suggestion: If you want to promote your product and let people know about it very well, try to present yourself in media for 2-3 time per day for at least 3 months. It will make your reputation to your customers.


Many think that they will face success in just 2-3 days of starting their marketing or promotion and if they found no success they go hopelessly.

Suggestion: You need to be patient to get success in marketing or promotion. People take their buying decision after analysis. So give them time too.


Some marketer doesn’t give enough priority to peoples discussion or comments and continues their same strategy again.

Suggestion: Try to make a discussion with peoples and get pieces of information what they want next. It will help getting new ideas.


Only by knowledge of marketing media won’t make you a marketer. Marketing is a big thing. I tried to show you some basic elements. Hope you will find the mistakes in marketing and promotions strategies you’re trying to build.

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