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What is Adsense?

You want to Make Money With Adsense and don’t know what is adsense? Is it possible?

Google Adsense is the most effective and worlds largest advertising network. Bloggers and Webmasters monetize their blog/website to Make Money With Adsense. A big part of the yearly revenue of Google comes from adsense.

Google Adsense

How Adsense Work?

It’s a very simple system. You need to be an adsense publisher and show the ad to your blog/website or youtube channel. If anyone clicks on your ad you will get an amount. Also, Adsense pays for your Page views and Ad Impression. And google collects these ads from the advertiser by their AdWords program.

How much can you earn from adsense?

You can’t say exactly how much you are going to earn with adsense. It depends on some things like,

  • Blog Topic
  • Daily Unique Visitor
  • Page Views
  • Visitors region
  • Where you placed the ad
  • Text or Image ad
  • Your Targeted Keyword
  • Rate of CPC

Generally, you can earn from 1 cent to 20 $ per click and can be paid 1-5 $ for 1000 Impression.

Adsense Cheque

How to Create a Blog for Adsense?

For making an adsense ready blog you must follow some instructions. I will try to discuss shortly. Before starting, do you know Difference Between Website and Blog? .

Step 1: Firstly, you need to set your blog topic. Nowadays its hard make revenue from the multi-niche website. so try to target a topic for your blog. You can choose topic/keywords by high CPC and low SEO competition. You may like Basic Knowledge of Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) article so you will get some direction for SEO too.

Step 2: Buy a Domain and Webhosting and install a blogging CMS. Now, most of the blogger use WordPress for their Blogging platform. Do you know what is Difference Between Free WordPress and Self Hosted WordPress | vs ? So if you want to make a self-hosted WordPress blog install WordPress and start your blogging. You can check this tutorial for Setup WordPress Manually Step by Step.

Step 3: After installing WordPress do some Basic Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) and install a simple blogging theme.


How to get my Adsense Account Approved?

Now your blog is ready. But before applying for Adsense you need to do some more things. I tried to give you some points which you must need to do before applying to adsense. It will Help you get approved for the first application.

So, Let check what we need to follow To Make Money With Adsense 

  • You need a custom domain name for your blog. Somebody tries to apply adsense with free or websites. The chance of not getting adsense with this websites is 99%.
  • Domain age is not a fact. Somebody says you need at least 4-6-month-old domain for adsense. The reality is I got my adsense approved with only 15 days old domain.
  • The design of your blog should be user-friendly and must have clear navigation.
  • Try to use responsive web design for your blog.
  • Must need to add a About, Contact Us page. It’s not compulsory to add Privacy policy or terms of service unless you are providing services.
  • It is wise to post at least 20-25 content before applying for adsense. I got my one approved by only 12 posts.
  • DO NOT PUBLISH ANY COPY CONTENT. Don\t even think of rewriting tools. Googles algorithm is smarter than you.
  • Do Some basic SEO. But it is not compulsory to have huge traffic for getting adsense. It doesn’t matter. Google wants quality and unique website from you.
  • If using other ad networks, remove them before submitting your adsense application.

How to apply for Google Adsense?

If you have done these things that I pointed above you can now apply for adsense.  So for Adsense application, you need to go here.

For turning your passion into your profit click Join Now.

Make Money With Adsense

Here you will need to add your website URL and your Gmail address. You can check the option of getting updates from adsense. Then click Save and Continue.

Make Money With Adsense

Now you will get the Page to log in to your Gmail account. Enter your email address and password then log in.

Make Money With Adsense

Welcome to Adsense. Check your website address again and set your content language. Save and Continue,

Make Money With Adsense

Now final step. Put the verification code from adsense into head tag of your blog. Adsense will review your website. It usually takes 3 days for reviewing a website but most of the time they mail you within one day.


Make Money With Adsense

Why your Income is too low for adsense?

Blogging is a long-term project. You can’t income 1000 Dollars within overnight! You need to give time for writing quality content and focusing on SEO. There are some points why your revenue is very low with adsense.

  • You don’t have sufficient post on your blog.
  • Lack of content means low traffic.
  • You contents are not helpful to the traffic.
  • The rate of CPC and rpm is low for your targeted keywords.
  • You are not updating your blog regularly.
  • Your Adslot is not in right position.
  • Not getting targeted traffic.

Make Money With Adsense

Do you want to Make Money With Adsense more? How?

If you want to make money with adsense more you need to follow some steps. So, let us check how you can boost your revenue from adsense.

  • Make a clean, responsive blog with clear navigation.
  • Use Adsense and SEO optimized theme from free or buy a premium one.
  • Try to write fresh content regularly. If you are feeling short of the topic you can check 8 Awesome Ways To Find Blogging Ideas!
  • Use big and correct size ad slot. ( suggested ad slots are 728*90, 300*600, 336*280 )
  • Place ad after post title and use the WordPress plugin to place your ad in the right position.
  • Use combined ad with image and text ad.
  • Try to use google custom search for your blog site.
  • Block low paying advertisers.
  • Do SEO regularly and try to bring traffic from Google.


How to protect your AdSense account from being banned?

Making money with adsense is very easy if you follow their policy. But for bad luck, you can get ban from adsense anytime. So I tried to give you some suggestions and reason how to protect your adsense from being banned.

  • Analyse you ad clicks with StatCounter. Figure out invalid clicks and ban those IP’s.
  • If you think you are getting invalid click report it to google going here.
  • Do not click your own ad. Never ever.
  • Do not tell your friend or relative to click your ads.
  • Stay away from copy or rewritten content.
  • Do not try to use more than one adsense account.
  • Don’t try to customize your ad code.
  • Never buy traffic from anywhere.

Last Word

I got my adsense approved within 4 days of starting the blog. There are so many myths available over the internet for adsense approval. Do not trust them. Read the Adsense policy and keep a believe in yourself. You will Make Money With Adsense with Success.

Don’t forget to share your experience or queries in the comments. I will try to help you. Thank you.


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