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What is meant by Computer Network?

Today we will discuss the introduction to computer networks. In the current world, the computer network is an important part of communication technology. Computer networks mean connecting more than 2 computers in a network system. That special system which connects a communication between computers with cable, modem, satellite or electronic mail. You can create a network using a high configuration server with microcomputers. Computer network brings Breakthrough mobility for internal or external communication.

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Introduction to computer networks

Types of computer networks

We can divide computer network system into 3 part by their use. These are:

  1. Local Area Network
  2. Metropolitan Area Network
  3. Wide Area Network


Local Area Network: Generally, If we connect network devices within 10 KM or less is known as Local Area Network. Basically, School-College campus, Office or building or personal user use this Local Area Network.  Local Area Network also used for data entry, data processing or electrical mailing system. Network administrator use Star, Ring and Broadcast topology methods for local area network.  Coaxial or optical fiber used for its transmission media.


Metropolitan Area Network: When you are creating a network on a city you need to use metropolitan area network. Its wider than local area network which has a telephone line, modem or other microweb more transmission media. Its range depends on the length of the city.


Wide Area Network: When you are connecting important cities of a country. Generally, wide area network includes a personal computer or local area and metropolitan area networks. It uses a telephone line or microwave transmission media like metropolitan area networks.


Types of Network Topology.

Local area networks use wire to connect networking devices. For making networking easy and less costly network admin uses different kinds of topology for well-arrangement.

There are 4 types of topology available for local area networks.

  1. Bus Topology
  2. Ring Topology
  3. Star Topology
  4. Tree Topology

Bus Topology: In this topology, networking device connects with each other in a bus or transporting system. When a computer sends a signal via a node to a computer it delivers the signal to other devices which connect to the bus line. This arrangement doesn’t face any obstacles because they connect to each other separately. You can get an idea of bus topology from this diagram.

Bus Topology

Ring Topology: In this topology, network device connects to a node in a circular transportation. It delivers the signal from one device to another one by one. That means it uses one-way root to transfer data.

Ring Topology

Star Topology: In this topology, the networking device connects to a master device directly. When one device wants to share its data, they put it on the main networking device and other collects from there. If the main device lost its working capability this topology loses too.

Star Topology

Tree Topology: Its something like the device is not connected to the main device but creates an intermediate device. You can get tree topology idea from this diagram.

Tree topology

Elements of computer networks

For building a computer network you need three elements. that is:

  1. Server
  2. Work Station 
  3. Connection

Server: The main networking device in a network system is known as a server. Other networking device connects to this server and delivers service. Services are like file storage management, file backup, printer access, user management, common network command, securities etc.

Workstation: Other devices that connect to a server is called workstation. It’s not as powerful as a server. The workstation uses different kind of network software and its also known as node or client.

Connection: You need to make a connection between networking server and work stations. you can do it with cables like coaxial, twisted pair cable, optical fiber cable etc. Every networking computer use network interface cards.

Ok, guys, I will come back with a new topic about computer networking. If you have anything special to know just leave a comment.

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