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Those understand the worth of client handling who started a 5 dollar project and their earning crosses 1000 dollars. Their job was a 5/10 dollar project. Even not an ongoing project. So how they managed this? A freelancer who works in freelancing sites feels comfortable and expects a monthly ongoing job. And most of the cases they find this kind of projects from their previous clients. So let’s check what you should do to be an interesting person to your client?

Way to Overcome Freelancing Barriers


How to be an interesting person to your client.

  • Don’t talk about the project all the time. When you both are free talk about your personal life. Make a friendly relation with your client. But it is better to not ask personal topics with a buyer who works for a company.
  • Do your every task with full confidence. Inform your client what are you doing. By this, he will understand how much he is going to pay you for milestones.
  • Don’t miss your deadline at any cost. Once you missed your deadline you missed your client for the next time. If you need more time to complete your task ask your client. If your client is with a friendly mentality and knows the worth of quality work he will definitely increase your deadline.
  • Don’t close your communication way after ending the contract. Knock your client in social media or send emails with good wishes. It important.


  • Never treat your client as a client. Treat him like your colleague and discuss the detail with him. A friendly relation will be your key to success.

What Is Freelancing and What You Need To Keep In Mind ?

  • Add your client to your skype or google talk. It will help you in communication.
  • Don’t talk about the upfront at first. Discuss with him about the project and understand every single requirement. After that, you can talk about the upfront.
  • Reply your client’s mail and message as quick as you can. Your lateness will irritate him. So try to be online as much as you can.
  • Don’t be seated with the requirements only. Try to add more ingredients to your work like you are doing for yourself and show the other version of your work to your client too.


  • If are unable to match clients requirements after starting the project say sorry for it immediately and give a refund. It will create a good impression at least.
  • Most of the cases freelancer argue with buyers for the payment. Be clear in this term.
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