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Facebook Instant Article is a fantastic feature on Facebook. When we share any website to facebook generally it opens by facebook default browser. But If you install Facebook instant article on your website it will open faster.

Can you earn from Instant Article?

Yes, Facebook will automatically show the ad to your website from your page and will be paying you. If you have adsense connected to your website it will not affect your Instant Article Service. Please note, only smartphone device will show instant articles on your website. Today I will show you how to interrogate or install facebook instant article on your WordPress website.

How to off Location Share option of Facebook!

First, let us know the advantage and disadvantage when you install facebook instant article 


  • Your articles will load 10 times faster than normal loading time
  • It will cache your article. So for viewing next time it will not take the loading time, will show you from the cache.
  • You will get a statistics of your traffic.
  • Content monetization is also available for you. You can generate revenue from Instant Article.


  • Your main site will not work here. If you have widget or shortcode it will not show.
  • You will lose traffic from your main site.

But it will not harm your site rank.

What you need to install facebook instant article

Go to this link and press the sign up button

Install Facebook Instant Article

Select your Page

Install Facebook Instant Article

Tic the Agreement and go to next step

Install Facebook Instant Article

Now go back to your WordPress dashboard an install Facebook instant article plugin

Install Facebook Instant Article

Go to plugin settings and add your facebook page id.

Install Facebook Instant Article

In Facebook, instant article settings go to the connect your site option. add your website URL and connect your website.


Install Facebook Instant Article

Add your instant article RSS feed link too. you can find your link at “

Install Facebook Instant Article

Now you need to wait 1-3 days for review. Once you are approved facebook will start showing your instant articles.

Install Facebook Instant Article




Hope this post will help you yo install Facebook Instant article on your site.

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