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Increase Website Impression

When we talk about web page view or impression the first thing comes to our mind is Adsense Page impression. Website impression and page view mean how much time a visitor visits your web page and how many times he visits a web page. If you are monetizing your website with google adsense it is important for you to understand page views and impressions well. Because you can not succeed without a large number of page views or impressions. For this, you need a good number of quality content on your website to keep on your website. When you write unique and quality content, you won’t need to ask anyone to visit your website. People will automatically find your website and you will get high traffic to increase website impression and page views.
Today I will try to write some tips which will help you to increase website impression and page views.

Writing Quality Content.

This is one thing I mention in my all SEO and a web related topic that you need to create quality content to bring and keeping your website traffic. In my past blog post How to write SEO Friendly Content? I have written how to write quality content and what is the importance. Making quality content is the easy way to get traffic to your website. When you post quality and great content regular you will get automatic page views and impressions. You can’t be a success without content. That’s why its know as  “Content is King”.
 Increase Website Impression


Add a Navigation Menu to your website whether it is a blog or website. A clears navigation menu helps a visitor to surf your website easily. You can also put a back to top button in the footer of your website which will help a visitor to scroll up easily.

Post Summary in Homepage

It is one of the easy ways to increase website impression and page views. Tell me, do you like to read the full articles on the homepage? I think not. Use post excerpts in your site homepage. It will help a visitor to get more post on the home page. Add a simple Read More button after 150-200 words of your article.

Popular Post Widget

What you do after reading an article? Try to know more about the topic? You do this means a visitor to your website also do this. A visitor tries to learn more after reading a topic. Help him putting a related post options or widget. It will help you to keep your visitor for a long time on your website.Also, to increase website impression and page view.
 Increase Website Impression

Search Box

Add a beautiful and working search box to your website. It will help a visitor to search the contents of your website. A visitor may feel bored in searching contents one by one. So, he can easily find it using a Search box and Google Custom Search Engine will be a great option for you.

Create permalink into your post

Try to put anchor text to your content. It will help your visitor to find related articles easily. For example. You have a blog post How to write SEO Friendly Content?. Put its link when you are writing about How to Increase Website Impression and Page View?.

Social Buttons

Add Social buttons to your website to share it on social media. If a visitor like your post he will definitely share your articles with others using social media. And it will help you to increase website impression and page views.


Give the visitor an option to participate in discussions. If he has anything more to know or have any queries he can easily communicate with you.

Clean Background and beautiful font.

It is better to use google web fonts to your website. Do not make your website heavy using unnecessary graphics. Try to keep your web design simple and use simple font styles. Remember “First Impression is the Last Impression”
 Increase Website Impression


Your reason for blogging may cause traffic loss for you. If you are Monetizing your blog, don’t put too many ads on your web page. Your main target should be focusing on content and making it user-friendly. Avoid using too many ads. When you will get huge traffic who visits your website to read quality content, your revenue will boost automatically.


Last Words.

If you follow this steps you can definitely Increase Website Impression and page views. And it will bring success to an adsense publisher who wants to make money on his website. Also, Don’t ever try to copy others content. I will not only harm your traffic but also help you to be terminated by adsense. 

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