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Are you frustrated with your site ranking on Google and low traffic? You are trying hard, giving time but not getting satisfied traffic from Google?
Many new websites and blog owners face these site ranking problems like you. In this case, they spent money in making content and go frustrated after not getting any result.
I am also a blogger and I want to bring traffic to my content. And I struggled like you too. But at times, it improves our experience and skills which helps to bring targeted traffic to our blog.
And today I am here with those working tips which are going to help you bring more traffic and improving site ranking.
In my last post, I discussed Basic Knowledge of Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) and How to write SEO Friendly Content?


Keyword Research

Keyword research is the most important thing to attract your visitors. You can find targeted keyword by a perfect or basic keyword research which will help you in site ranking.
You can use Google Keyword Planner, or SEOBooks to research keyword. You can make a list and choose a long tail keyword which matches your niche.
Generally, it is better to target the main keyword for your website rather than having various kind of niche or topic. It is better to target one or two keyword and writing content regularly with them.
When you set your potential keywords, do research with them and see how much competition they have. Are they for the big or famous site or you can use them for the small blog post. Try to target those low competitive keywords which can help you in site ranking on Google.


On Page SEO

The main important work of On-Page SEO is applying you keywords strategically to your post. In that case, Yoast or All in one SEO pack will help you a lot. The important thing of On-Page SEO is:

  • Title Tag
  • URL
  • Header Tag
  • Alt Image Tag and Caption
  • And Your content.

Nowadays it is important to set your sites niche for site ranking on Google.

Select your format according to link and share.

It is found in research that, some special format of post gets more link and social share. And we know linking a sharing has affected to improve site ranking.
Those post which takes a matter seriously and rich with content gets more link and share found by a research by MOZ. You can use Why, How, Top ten, Top seven to your format of the blog post.

search engine optimization

Words Of Content

In this case. The number of your words in your content doesn’t matter. But it also doesn’t mean that you can get site ranking with a 50-word content. In research, it’s found that Top ten search result contains average 1285 words in Google. And 1500 words plus contains more information and perfect for a website for its site ranking.
In that case, you need to make quality content which is very important. You can ask yourself that is your content has enough information’s that fulfills a visitors requirements? So we can say there is no limit on words which will give you rank. It is your content quality which is going to help you in site ranking.

Social Media Marketing

I feel sad to say, much online content doesn’t get enough attractions because of their owners don’t promote their contents or don’t take any steps to distribute it.
You need to share your new contents on Social media regularly. Suppose, you have so many followers on social media. So if you share your content you can get traffic. Also, using hashtags is going to help you a lot. If you don’t have sufficient followers on social media try some paid advertising campaign.
You can promote your site to facebook groups, online forum, LinkedIn groups etc.


Build Link to your BlogPost.

This another way to improve site ranking on Google. Build the link to your content. Many site owners forget to build a link of their contents in building homepage link.
If you make quality content it will be easy to get links from other blogger or journalists.

Some steps of link building:

  • Build a link to your content with other contents of your website.
  • Try to build a link to another website in your content.
  • Introduce your contents to other specialist bloggers, because it will help you in research posts.

Last Words

Creating blog post spends your time and money. So, when you are spending both, try that you content get enough reach and traffic. And you can follow this tips to improve your site ranking in Search engines.

Iftekhar Hossain Pritom

Author: Iftekhar Hossain Pritom

Hi there, I Iftekhar Hossain Pritom. a blogger, web developer, and designer. Studying BBA Hons.
Above all, a Cyber-Freak

How to Improve Site Ranking in Google!
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How to Improve Site Ranking in Google!
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