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Facebook has a feature called ‘Near by Friends’ to find out if there is a friend around where you are located. Facebook informs by notification if the Facebook friends are approaching the distance as soon as the location is turned on.

If you don’t want to let a friend know for personal reasons But if the Facebook friend is staying next to the feature, then the Facebook will tell him how many kilometers you are in. For this reason, the feature may be annoying to many users. The feature can be easily closed if you want. How to work in this tutorial is to be displayed.

First of all,

go to the settings of the Facebook app. To get the option, click the icon with three straight lines on the right side of the app.

Then from there click on the ‘nearby friends’ option.

Then on the upper side of the search option, click on the settings.

Then a new page will be launched.  from there’ A popup message will be unchecked if you uncheck the nearby friends’ option. There you will need to click the ‘turn off nearby friends’ option.

Then the location of the share location will be closed. To resume the application, click on the ‘close friends’ option

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