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On my last post, I have written a complete guideline for getting adsense approval. Today I will try to answer some frequently asked questions from new bloggers who want to get adsense approval for their site. Hope this will help you a lot.

Google Adsense Approval

Some Frequently Asked Question about Adsense Approval

Que: Does Alexa Ranking have any effect on Non-Hosted Adsense?

 No, but is better for your site has a good Alexa rank.

Que: Can I get Adsense approval if I use the spin article and they are passed by google copy scape premium?

No, you will get a rejection for using the spin article. You can get adsense approval with a low number of unique content.

Que: Can I use an image from google? Or I need use unique images too?

You can use copyright free image from Google to use on your blog. Also, there are many sites available which give free copyright free images to use. It is better to use unique images.

Que: I have 40-50 unique article on my website. But not have enough traffic. Can I get adsense approval?

Yes, you can. Google wants quality content. They don’t check how much traffic you have. If you have a top-level domain with contact us, about use page you will get adsense approval easily.

Google Adsense Approval

Que: Which niche is easy for getting adsense approval?

You can get Adsense approval with any niche that matches adsense policy.

Que: Can I use a subdomain for adsense?

Depends. You cant get adsense approval with a subdomain website. But you can use adsense on subdomain after getting Adsense approval with the top level domain.

Que: Can I get adsense approval from a troll site?

This site doesn’t break adsense policy. But you must need some writings with trolls. It is easy to get adsense approval for product based website, informative website, technology, review or a health site.

Que: What should be my article length?

It is better to have articles containing 500-600 words minimum.

Que: Can I get adsense approval without a blog site?

Yes, you can. Google prefers blogs, forums or online tools site most. But you can get approval for any site which follows adsense policies.

Que: Can I get with a free blogspot site or I must need a self-hosted site?

There is no guarantee that you can get Adsense approval with a blogspot site. If you have enough unique contents and good SEO score you can get. But you can get adsense approval within a short time if you use self-hosted site with a top-level domain.

Que: What if I get my visitor only from facebook?

Your site traffic doesn’t affect your adsense approval. You can get approved if you get traffic from Facebook. But you need huge organic traffic to make good revenue from adsense.

Que: What is the Difference between hosted and non hosted adsense?

Hosted adsense is only for googles sites like youtube or blogger. On the other hand, a non hosted adsense supports more than 500 types of website.

Que: I am emphasizing on quality content. How to check my content is good or not?

You can check your content’s quality from plagiarism tools where you can check your contents qualities.

Que: I have 250+ post and 100 of them are 50% unique. Can I get Adsense?

What is important for getting adsense? Unique Post or Visitor? You need unique content. I got my adsense approved with just 12 unique content.

Que: Where can I get content for Privacy and DMCA page?

You can create Privacy policy page using tools. DMCA page is same for everyone. You can rewrite if you want. You will not face problem for that.

Que: Can I get adsense approval for free domain and host like .tk?


Que: Is there any advantage or disadvantage of using a top-level domain with blogger?

No, there is no difference. You can get more SEO features on WordPress rather than blogger.

Que: What should be my domain age before applying for adsense?

There is no bound. I saw some posts where adsense experts say your domain should be at least 6 months old for adsense. But I got my one approve with a 17-day old domain and a 6-day old blog.

Que: How many contents do I need for adsense approval?

I surfed over hundred blogs to get this answer before my adsense application. Some say you need 15-20 post, some say don’t think of applying before 50+ post. I got my approval with just 12 posts. Now you think.

Que: What are the adsense supported languages?

Adsense supports 51 languages till now.

Arabic German Portuguese
Bengali Greek Romanian
Bulgarian Hebrew Russian
Chinese (simplified) Hindi Serbian
Chinese (traditional) Hungarian Slovak
Croatian Indonesian Slovenian *
Czech Italian Spanish
Danish Japanese Swedish
Dutch Korean Thai
English Latvian Turkish
Estonian * Lithuanian Ukrainian
Filipino Malay Urdu
Finnish Norwegian Vietnamese
French Polish


Que: Should I need to apply again for my other blogs?

No, you can’t. Adsense only provide one account per person. You can add your other site after getting approval.

Google Adsense Approval

There are some myths available online that you cant get adsense without doing “these things”
I have shared you my real life experience and I hope you will get benefits from them. Once more thing. This is true that traffic is not a fact for getting adsense approval. But if you don’t have good traffic it will take a long time to bring revenue from your site. so you should also think about traffic. Write quality contents with right keywords and adsense will make some thing great for you.


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