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What is Guest Blogging?

When you can write in someone else blog with your identity is called guest blogging and the site is known as Guest Blog site. People try to introduce their blog via guest blogging. They can do this easily because they find many professional blogger and writers on this platforms. It helps to bring traffic from high PR sites. Without this, It helps branding any things and a pro blogger can easily face success in guest blogging.

You can find some famous Guest blogging sites from here.

Some wrong thoughts about guest blogging.

Misconception 1

Publishing more and more articles in blogging site is one of the silly mistakes of a Guest Blogger. Somebody tries to make backlinks for their SEO by Guest Blogging. They think it will be great on their website if they post more and more articles daily. So they don’t concentrate on their writing. It is better to post 1 quality article in 2-3 days rather than 5 articles in a single day.  If you don’t concentrate on your articles you can’t be a success in guest blogging.

Misconception 2

Some SEO experts think that you have many ways to create backlinks in short time without writing big Articles! why not you follow them?

Yes, creating backlinks in short time will give you traffic soon. but if you want a long time benefit there is no choice without writing quality guest blogs.  So everybody should think about it.

Misconception 3

There are also some people available who thoughts I don’t have any blog and I do not do any SEO so why I need to write?

You can brand anything with guest blogging. You can brand your qualifications besides product branding. Also, a guest blogger can earn a lot of money. Can be said, You know graphics designing very well and you write about photoshop or graphics designing tutorial in a famous blog. If any buyer likes your job he will contact you with his project. So you can create an income source through Guest Blogging without searching for jobs in Market Places!

How to find Guest Blogging site?

First, select your keywords. I mean in which topic you want to write? then google the keyword. For example, i have written some tips how to search for a guest blogging site.

[insert your relevant keyword here] + “guest post”
[insert your relevant keyword here] + “guest blog”
[insert your relevant keyword here] + “guest blogging”
[insert your relevant keyword here] + “guest posting”

How to be a great guest blogger?

You will not be good Guest Blogger if you only post. You need to keep in mind some basic things.

Research the Blog

Try to make a research on that blog where you want to write. You need to find a blog where you can write about your topic. Then spend some time in reading articles on that site.

What do you need to know about that blog? 

  • who is the reader of that blog?
    What is the writing style of bloggers on the Blog
    In which topic people comment most?
    What are the Terms and Conditions of that blog?
    If find this answers you can write easily and fulfill the demand of readers.

Make your own writing style

Try to make a unique style of your writing. Write with joy, like you are discussing some topic with your friend who is sitting beside you. A unique and own writing style is very important for a blogger and if you can do that, nobody gonna stops you being successful,

Find out topic that is in shortage of content 

If you write a letter which is related to the previous article and modified will not attract your reader. Try to find a Topic where content is insufficient. Then do some research about with your topic and write. It will help you attract people to read your article.

Sell yourself

Worried about what I am saying ? Don’t worry, you are doing guest blogging for your marketing and your marketing means you are up for sale. Market yourself in your author bio. Do SEO for yourself and introduce people what you like most and where you are professional. Leave a link to your freelancing profile or website. I will definitely visit a link if I like an article that I have read.

So you have learned how to be a Guest Blogger. I will write an article about how to write quality content soon. wish to see you there. Goodbye. 


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