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There are some difference between Website and Blog. Today i will try to give you knowledge about some difference between them.


What is Website?

Website is an adjustment of some web files. For example, Yahoo or Google is a website where there are so many web pages. If writing down an address Google.com to your browser I will show you a web page. This is Website.

What is Web Page?

Web page is a presentation of web informations. This can be content, images file or video.

Neccessity of Website

A website transfers information to its visitor. If you go to facebook.com you can create a social id , by visitng google.com you can search anything online. If you go to cricinfo you can get cricket information. Thus you can communicate with anybody from your home. Nowadays almost every company has a Website to give their customers a easy service.

How to make a Website ?

You need to know webprogramming to build a website. Like HTML,CSS,PHP,DIV and Database.

Now you are thinking i really need to know this codings for making a Website ? No, you don’t need if you want to use a CMS or script for building your Website. Anybody can build a great Hybrid Website easily with WordPress. You need no coding language for doing this.


By using a website you can easily get information that you need. If you want to know the weather news, visit a weather site. If you need Social, Political, Sports news just visit a news portal. You can also keep in touch with your friends using Social Media.



Importance of Business Website

  • Business website contains it’s services and offers.
  • It contains Product images
  • Can contact Employees and clients easily




What is Blog ?

Blog is a Personal Diary. It is a short form of Weblog . We can define Blog in different ways . Blog is a Website where everyday publisher posts specific types of post. There people can share their opinions and a publisher ry to publish new informations about selected topic regularly.


Why we need blog ?

  • People reveals their thoughts by a  blog.
  • You can find many types of information at one place.
  • You can move forword a Business though a blog.
  • You can earn mone though a blog.
  • U can build up a community.
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