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WordPress is a popular Content Management System or CMS. Almost 62% website built with WordPress per day. At the beginning, everyone feels a little confusion on choosing wordpress.com or self-hosted wordpress.org. If you make a website with wordpress.com you can make it in some simple clicks. And if you want to get a full control you can go with WordPress.org. As I have written before Setup WordPress Manually Step by Step on my previous post, you can learn how to setup WordPress in a personal web host. Those who are new to web developing or blogging feel confused choosing their platform. Today in this article I will try to write about details, advantage, and disadvantage of both.

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org


Advantage of WordPress.com

  • If you make a website free with wordpress.com, you will get free 3 GB space. and if you want more then you can upgrade your package. If you make a free website it will be yoursite.wordpress.com and if you want you can buy your own domain name too.
  • WordPress.com will always create backup of your website.


Disadvantage of WordPress.com

  • You can see wordpress.com giving you a free website but they will show advertising in return. If you want full control of your site you need to pay them 24.92 $ every month.
  • You can’t use any plugin or theme from external sources. They will stop you doing that. But if you sign up to their VIP program they will allow you installing third-party themes and plugins.
  • You can’t edit your theme. They provide a ” Design Upgrade” feature that is only for updating CSS. If you want to change any function you can’t do that. Only you can upload theme and plugins in their business package which will cost you almost 300$ a year.
  • You cant use any custom analytic software because you can’t edit any code f your website.
  • If you break any of their policy they will delete your site without any notice.
  • If you use other paid package without Business plan they will tell your visitor you are using wordpress.com


Pricing of WordPress.com

WordPress.com pricing

Advantage of Self Hosted WordPress

  • This is a Free CMS and you can use it for free.
  • You will get full control of your website and no one can rule over your website.
  • You can use any plugins
  • you can use any Themes
  • you can show advertising on your website

Disadvantage of self-hosted WordPress

  • You will be responsible for any update and you can update your site with just one click
  • You need to keep your site backup regularly. It’s not a problem. There are so many plugins for automatic WordPress backup or some hosting provider takes backup regularly. But there is no guarantee.
  • You need to protect your site from spam.


Which one is for you ? 

Its totally depends on you. What kind of website you want to make ? for personal part-time blogging you can use wordpress.com service. But if you want to be professional and want to give your traffic better experience with your website then go to self-hosted WordPress.

You can easily build a website with wordpress.com but it will be in their subdomain and it will cost more for getting own domain name.  You will not also get your full control over your website after buying. On the other hand, if you just buy a domain name and simple shared hosting you can build your own website. Without some small disadvantage, the Self-hosted WordPress will be a great choice for you.


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