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I personally saw people having too much interest in dark internet or dark web or darknet. If you are reading this article you already heard about the dark internet here and there. Today I will try to write some details about this dark internet and why people want to visit it and is this illegal?

So, is dark internet kingdom of heaven for hackers? Can you do whatever you want in darknet? Or FBI and NSI already looking at you there? Is this really illegal? Why do people want to visit this illegal address? If you are really a tech lover, it is not hard to get answers to those questions. I tried to cover all the things in this article.

Dark Internet

Dark Internet

The first thing you need to understand well is Invisible Web. You already know our internet has two sides. One is surface web or visible web and another one is the invisible web. If you want the answer how big this invisible web is, you will be surprised knowing that invisible web has thousand times more hidden information. Now coming back to the point, those part of the internet where we can’t access easily even search engines can’t index them is the Invisible part of the internet.
Now the question is what is the relation between the dark internet and the invisible web? See, the Invisible web is that part of the internet where nobody can access and the dark web is hidden in the invisible web.

So we can say the dark internet is just a small part of the invisible web. This two looks same, but there is some difference available between them. If you put something on your google drive, the search engine cannot index them even anybody can access them without you give the permission. So, your data is on invisible web. Now if you build a website which needs a special address and special browser to access and you are running something illegal there. It’s a part of the invisible web and goes to dark internet section.

Dark web is a small part of the deep web where people runs Illegal works. Illegal Drugs, weapons, contracting hitman to kill someone, cybercrime or hiring black hat hackers etc can be found on the dark web. When the question of legality comes, deep web or invisible web is obviously legal. You can keep your privacy secure in the invisible web but If it comes to the dark internet. Definitely, it’s illegal. Yes, the dark internet is illegal, but is it illegal to surf the dark internet? Let’s find the answer.

How to access the dark internet?

If you read the first part of this article you already know that you cant access the dark web from google or other search engines. So, there is no chance to go into the dark web by mistake! As long as you don’t try to go there. You need special protocol to access the dark internet, where deep internet is most likely the surface web only needing some username and password and You can access the dark internet by typing a traditional URL or general web browsers. You need a special browser to access the dark internet and you already know the name. The Onion router which is known as Tor Browser.

Tor Browser

Generally, Tor Browser does two things: Firstly, It connects you with the subset dark internet of deep web and secondly it cross connects you with all servers of the world. And it uses encryption method in every step that encrypts your data and hides your id. And it’s the key to the dark internet.

Something you need to keep in Mind

You are downloading Tor Browser to access the dark web, it doesn’t mean you are going to do anything illegal! This browser is completely legal and police are not going to arrest you because you installed this browser. Some people use Tor browser as alternate to VPN and keep their privacy.
Also, by using Tor Browser doesn’t means you cant be traced! It makes tracing you hard but not impossible. So, using Tor is not illegal. You can obviously use it for your curiosity. But it’s illegal when you are going to use for illegal operations’ or visiting the dark internet.

Dark Internet
Who use Dark Internet and Why?

Naturally, Dark internet looks illegal. Yes, it’s so much secure that tracing website and visitor is too much hard here. And that why it becomes a chat room for illegal works. There you will find daily household items to buy which is not illegal. You cant say the dark web is bad at all. Think about criminal reporters, They need to make communication with criminals an sending data between them. And here dark web is more secure for them than surface web.

For example, you can take from silk road. Silk road was the biggest marketplace of the dark web which closed down in 2013. People buy and sell illegal drugs their which were totally illegal. It depends on what you are doing on the dark web. If you buy some drugs, this is illegal. And if you try to communicate with a criminal keeping your privacy its legal.

There is two side of a coin. The same as the dark internet has a good and bad side. It depends on your use of the dark web. Hope you are clear about dark web after reading this article. I tried to give simple definitions which will help you understand it.
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