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Content Marketing and SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) are able to create a perfect harmony by working together. We can think it is a Machine. Again, we can think both of the rivals. A few years back, Many online marketing managers did not consider Content marketing as important for SEO. The did not know, A quality site with full of keywords can play a role improving site ranking and also be helpful for traffic.

Content Marketing and SEO

Content marketing is a big part of Search Engine Optimization. They have a very strong and close relation too. The main purpose of content marketing is making attraction and increasing traffic to a site. So, today we will know how content marketing and SEO work together.

Difference between Content Marketing and Search Engine Optimization ( SEO )

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is an On-site technical part. Giving attractive title, URL correction, alt tag using, sitemap includes under SEO. This has a strong connection with content marketing.

Content Marketing is a big idea and you can’t limit it to the goal of SEO.

How do content marketing and SEO works?

You need to consider which type of article you are going to write or which you will leave first. It is very important for your site or business that you do marketing for your content. If you want to rank your content at the top you should make quality and beautiful content.

There are some Way to do content and SEO together


Making Original and quality Content: Make an idea what your Traffic/visitor/reader like to read. Which kind of content attracts them and what they share to social media most. Also, Make sure that your content is full of quality and original.


Evergreen Content and SEO: Create evergreen contents. It could be a great strategy for ranking high in google.  It also helps to keep the visitor for a long time. Google gives a high position to those content which is useful to readers. and an Evergreen content will give your reader full satisfaction.

content is king

Keyword Research:  Keyword is a word that we search on google to find our useful information. Suppose, If you search for “WordPress tips” on google it will be your keyword.

keyword research

Link building: It brings traffic to your website if you use your website URL in hyperlinks in another site. Hyperlink gives a direction to a reader to walk in the right way. SEO experts spend lots of time building quality link for their website. A solid link gives you more traffic then using link building tools.

link building

Head Line: It is also one of the most important terms in SEO. You need to attract visitor using a great headline. Your headline must give instructions what information you visitor going to have.

SEO title

People usually search short keywords in google. So, keep it in mind while selecting your Titlle.

Make you title more attractive. That will bring more visitor from social media and people will share your post more.

When you will do Email marketing use a clickable Title

In summary

Success in SEO and Content marketing Depends on your skills and experience. Content terms, writing knowledge, internal link, Title optimization, Keyword Research, keyword analysis makes your SEO goal. There should be no compromise with your SEO goal.


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