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Today we are going to learn how to install WordPress Multisite ( Network Site ). I will show you how to install WPMU and make a Network site for you.


When first we try to learn WordPress creating a free website using service we can create multiple sites using a single account. And also we can manage them from a single dashboard.

Difference Between Free WordPress and Self Hosted WordPress | vs

What is WordPress Multi-user or Multisite?

WordPress is free opensource content management system or CMS which help you creating a website very easily. And WordPress has a feature named WordPress Multi-user or Multisite. We can use this feature to handle our sites if we have more then one.

Why WordPress Multisite?

Imagine you have two websites., Now you want to manage this two website together. If you install WordPress for both site and try to maintain them separately it will be little hard work for you. For solving this problem you can install WordPress multisite. You can install other websites on single web hosting and manage them easily when you are using WPMU service.

Install WordPress Multisite

Before installing WordPress multisite you need to install WordPress first. Check “Setup WordPress Manually Step by Step ” and set up your first WordPress blog.

Then you don’t need any plugin to setup WordPress multisite. Because this feature already included into WordPress core file. You just need to add a little code to your wp-config.php file.

find the  /* That’s all, stop editing! Happy blogging. */  in the 82 no. line and put this code after the text.

[php]<code class="plain">define(‘WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE’, true);</code>[/php]

Install WordPress Multisite

Save your file. Note: before making any change take backup of your wp-config.php file

Now go to your dashboard and you will see a new “Network Setup” Option.

Go to your WordPress dashboard and select Network Setup from Tools.

Install WordPress Multisite

It will ask you to Deactivate your all plugins for a little time. Deactivate your plugins and Go again to the Network Setup.

Install WordPress Multisite

Set the direction of your new site and proceed to install

Install WordPress Multisite

As I selected Sub domain it is asking for the subdomain name. put your domain name and site details and click the add site button.


Install WordPress Multisite

Install WordPress Multisite

Install WordPress Multisite

Now they will show you some instructions. Put their code to your wp-config.php and edit your .htaccess  file.

You are done. You completed installation of Multisite. Now create a subdomain and add it to your multisite dashboard from here.

Install WordPress Multisite

Want to add direct Domain to the Network?

By this steps, we learned how to install WordPress multisite for a subdomain. you can also add your custom domain like via domain mapping. And for doing this there are some plugins available.

You can use WordPress MU Domain Mapping plugin to do that.

So, Now you are owning a Multisite?




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