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What is Domain Name?

The domain is a name of a website. Like Here www means World Wide Web and the domain is

Let’s know this simply. You are going to start a business. What will you do first? Selecting a Correct and beautiful name which describes your business. And when you are selecting a name maybe you want nobody should use your name and you will make a trademark for it? Then you can use the name for your business easily.

Now move it to online. If you are starting an online business you will try to make a name which represents your service. You will try to make it known to all and the name you are going to use for all these things is Domain Name. is the first commercial domain name which starts 15th march or 1985.

What is the length of Domain Name?  A domain name must be within 63 characters.

Choosing A Domain Name

Approved character

  • Alphabetical letters, a to z, lowercase letters
  • Numeric characters from 0 to 9
  • Dash (-) can be used, but the domain name must begin and end with an alphanumeric character. Dash at first and last position is not allowed.

A Domain name contains more than one part. As a sample, has two part. Their www is a hostname, TechShor is the domain name and .com is domain extension. Different types of domain extension are available.

  • .COM for Company websites
  • .NET for network website
  • .ORG for Organizations
  • .info for personal or information websites
  • .ME used for personal portfolio sites.


Types of Domain

There are different types of domain available over the internet. TLD, gTLD, SLDm, ccTLD etc.
Top Level Domain. Usually, we find the website using this TLD Domain most of the time. .com, .net, .org, .info, .me etc are Top-level Domain.
Second Level Domain. The main name of your website is known as a second level domain. For example, Techshor is SLD in
Generic Top Level Domain. Its a class of top-level domain.
Country code top-level domain. Every country has ccTLD domain with two words from country name.  Like the United States, ccTLD is .us, India has .in, the United Kingdom has .uk.

Things need to be considered when choosing a domain name

When Choosing A Domain Name give priority to .com extension

In past, people only knew about .com, .net, and .org extensions. Buy now with the change of time, people can choose their extensions from tons. like .pizza, .travel, .ninja etc.

As blogger and online marketer, I try to give suggestion to buy a .com domain extension. Because it is a widely used domain extension. Also, it is to remember a domain name with .com extension. Suppose, a man who knows nothing about technology. If you say you have a website with .ninja extension he will understand nothing. But he will definitely understand .com is a website.

Easy to Type and Pronounceable

Try to choose a domain name which is easy to type and anybody can read it easily.


Look at these names. you can type this names easily. So while choosing a domain name try to keep it in your mind. Avoid unusual words or characters.

Simple and Small name.

Keep your domain name as smallest as you can. avoid those words which make your domain complex and hard to write. Also, there is chance of typing mistakes if a visitor writes your big web address. So, think about a name which will be easy to remember and small. I know it is hard to find a small name these days but for a better website career, it is wise while choosing a domain name.

Personally, my suggestion is keeping your domain name within 8-10 words. You can find domain name ideas here.

Choosing A Domain Name

Do not buy with your keyword

We do a keyword research when we are starting a website. And many of them put their focus keyword to their domain name. It is known as EMD ( Exact Match Domain. But nowadays google don’t give priority to this. And if your content quality is also low with an EMD there is a high chance of getting a penalty from Google.

For example, you are starting an e-commerce website with organic fruits as a focus keyword. And your domain name is or

But there are some disagreements too. Some SEO experts think that you can get priority from google for EMD if you have quality content. Try to make a bendable name when choosing a domain name.

Avoid undesired Characters or hyphen

It is wise to not use any special character or hyphen when choosing a domain name. It may create confusion when your regular traffic tries to browse your website.

For example, your website name is When a visitor wishes to visit your site and types he will go to another website. So it is better to not use any hyphen or other characters in the domain name.

Know details about the domain

Before registering a domain name check is it already someone else trademark or copyright? If it is, you may face big legal problems later.

For example, you can’t use or

Try to make something unique

This point may look funny! every domain name is unique, you can’t buy a domain once its register to another. But I am trying to say whatever you choose, it should not match anyone else. Don’t buy a domain which is not unique. It will harm your reputation too.

It is better to choose a domain name matching your niche.

Avoid repeating the same character

Try to avoid using an extra character when you are not finding you desired domain not available. If you buy everyone will get confused. So, it is better to avoid.
Don’t select any traditional keyword
Do not use those keywords which is popular over the internet. It will block you getting the first page of google for your website name. So try to choose a unique and simple name which represents your niche.

How to buy Domain name?

Using a credit card, master card, Payoneer or PayPal you can easily buy a domain sitting at your home.

One thing only you need to look when you are buying a domain name is your provider giving you full control panel of your domain name? Because if you don’t like their service you can move it anytime to another provider.

Some best Domain Providing Companies are


Dream Host



My personal choice is Namecheap. I liked their service. fully professional with great after sales service. Also, you can try BlueHost. No.1 recommending web hosting and domain service provider from WordPress. Hostgator and DreamHost aren’t also bad.


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