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You can choose the perfect theme from thousands of free and premium WordPress themes. But for newbies who come to blogging recently face problems when they want to choose a WordPress theme. Because they feel confusion between free and premium themes.
If you ask to choose the perfect theme for your online business I will suggest you buy a premium theme. But if you don’t want to spend money on buying themes you can choose from thousands of free themes which are available at
Today I am writing this article for those who are struggling with choosing the best WordPress theme for their online business. Hope these points will help you choose the right one.

Related to your Niche

It will better if start searching themes which relates your niche. If you run a tech blog and using a photography theme, it won’t gonna help you. So search your themes which matches your online platform.

Simple Design

Nowadays simple design is an important fact. Because if your traffic doesn’t get user-friendly experience on your website he will not come back to your website again. Sometimes it also helps you to get high bounce rate if your site is not enough user-friendly. So try to choose a simple design for your WordPress website.

SEO friendly

seo content

When you are running a website your main target is getting traffic. And you need SEO to get traffic. To find the theme which is SEO friendly.

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Supports all Browser

Now almost every WordPress theme supports responsible design. But, sometimes some theme may face broken design with Internet Explorer. Don’t Negligence your IE traffics. Check does your theme supports IE or not.

Clear Navigation

It’s an important part of your website. Also if you are thinking of adding adsense to your website you must need a clear navigation bar. The navigation bar should be user-friendly. Don’t choose a theme that contains high graphics and unnecessary staffs on the navigation bar.

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Option Panel

If you are new to WordPress you should choose a theme which has option panel. Some free themes have option panel but most of them don’t have. Check it before you download.


If you are buying a theme check they have full of sales service. Maybe you don’t know any coding but you want to change some settings. Then you can contact them for support and they will help you. If you know coding and customization it will be better to choose a free theme. So you can customize it as you want.
Hope this article will help you when you are feeling confusion in choosing the right WordPress theme.
Leave a comment how you choose a WordPress theme. Share your experience.

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