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Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a method by which you can deliver your website to anyone. Day by day internet user are increasing and also the importance of SEO too. Many are doing freelancing jobs related SEO. To survive Business on the internet importance of SEO is very high.

The main purposes of SEO are

  • Delivering a Website to all
  • Increasing website popularity
  • Increasing site traffic
  • Surviving in information communication  competition
  • Making an online platform for income.

How does a search engine work?

The Search engines are built for searching information for people. That’s why Search engines make programs for giving best search results to its user.  Giving best user experience search engines analysis website content, how popular the website is. In addition to this, search engine shows result by:


A bot crawls a website and collects information of that site.  Bot figure outs which page has important contents. Crawling a webpage which changes once in a month is just a waste of time. Crawling a new database is called fresh crawling.


Indexing in Google is very simple. Google bot sortes web pages with character terms. Keeps where the terms are located. It removes Capital letters and changes it to small letter. it also removes Punctuation marks.

Google Query processor:

This is the last step. This process our search result. The query processor is divided into several parts. The user interface, Query engine, Result format etc. Name of ranking page system of Google is google page rank. The search result of web page depends on google page rank. if you have high page rank, it will show your site high in the google search.

Some popular search engines

Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. If you search something in this websites you will find your result in some seconds. That link will give you desired information.

For web developers, SEO is a very important topic. This is one kind of challenge for them. Quality traffics comes from search engines and it makes your site more advertiser-friendly.


Two steps of Search engine optimization

  • On page Optimization
  • Offpage Optimization

On page Optimization

on page seo

Those optimizations that are made from your internal side of the website is called on page optimization. The important part of on-page optimization is searching for Keywords, using the meta tag, Title tag, rich articles with keywords, adding XML sitemap.

Off page Optimization


off page seo



It is very important to do off page optimization of a website for permanent SEO and rank website in top of search engine. Basically, Quality Backlink, Article marketing, Forum posting can help optimizing a website in off page. This will not effect on your single page, it will effect on your whole website and will improve your SEO rank.



Try to create quality content for your website and different from other websites. Keep in mind that search bots are more intelligent thanon page seo you. so try to not copy other website contents.

We try to make our website to friendly with Search engines and SEO makes this job easier for us.  So it is not possible to rank your site top without SEO


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