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cPanel is a famous web-based control panel. The full control of a website holds by cpanel. The main weapon for web development is cpanel. cPanel or Control Panel is a widely used software to control web hosting. UNIX based this software makes controlling web server easily by graphical method. You can do many things without going direct text command easily. You can set API based approval for web hosting features like hard disk space, bandwidth, number of domain etc/

cPanel is a very useful software with the combination of Linux, Apache, PHP, MySQL, Postgres, Perl etc. Control panel or cpanel is getting rich day by day adding more useful addons.

cpanel tutorial

Most of the hosting providers provide their hosting with cpanel interface. Especially when you are buying shared hosting you get cpanel user and password. So, let’s give a look at cpanel Interface!

  • Preferences
  • Mail
  • Files manager
  • Logs
  • Security
  • Domain
  • Database
  • Software/Service
  • Advanced

A cPanel mainly contains this 9 tools.

Details about some cpanel tools


Easy solution to webmail is Mail feature. Creating a new email address, sending and receiving emails, email import and export goes easily to do with this feature. eMail forwarding, automatic email response, and many latest features are available here.

cpanel tutorial


Creating new subdomain, adding new addon domain, parking domain, DNS zone editing and many other important things can be found here.

cpanel tutorial

File Manager

You need the file manager to use your dedicated space, maintaining files, downloading and uploading etc. You can see disc space and FTP accounts here. Also, you can easily backup your site and restore it from here. It has compressing, decompressing and some extra features too


You can get your bandwidth usages and visitors information here.


Creating database, maintaining them, PHPMyAdmin and MySQL database systems can be found here. You can create, delete, import or export your database easily.

cpanel tutorial


You can get some software free with your cpanel. Also, if you buy hosting from a reputed company you can get bonus tools too.

cpanel tutorial


You can set a password to any folder if you want. If you got any suspicious movements from IP addresses you can block them from security tool. You can protect your website from content stealing.

Thanks, everybody. I just tried to give some basic concepts in this cpanel tutorial. I will come back with more next time. Also, you can comment which special things you want to know. I will try to write.


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