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Hoping everyone having a great winter time. I was thinking about writing something about how to backup WordPress manually recently because I was shifting my host. It’s quite same between migrating WordPress site and creating the backup of the WordPress site. In my previous post, i tried to discuss how to give WordPress security. But there is always a chance of getting hacked. It won’t be your fault every time. If Hacker hacks your hosting or domain provider then they can deface all site under the server. So you should always create backup WordPress regularly for your safety. Then if a hacker hacks your site thousand times you can restore it.

Today I am going to show you how you can backup WordPress manually.

Backup WordPress

Create Database Backup

First login into your cpanel. In most cases, people find their cpanel login here.

Give your username and password and login.

backup wordpress

Go to phpmyadmin from your cPanel. You will find your database here

Select your database from the list and select all.

Backup WordPress

Click the export button to proceed next. Tic the Quick – display only the minimal options from the export method and set SQL in format option.

Backup WordPress

So, you are done with the database. After pressing the go button it will start downloading your database.


File Backup

Again go to your cPanel then to the File manager. 


Backup WordPress

browse your public_html folder.

Backup WordPress

Select all your file and press compress button. Set the file format to ZIP and it will start compressing your website files.

Backup WordPress

After finishing of compression you will find a zip file of your whole site. Download the compressed file.

Backup WordPress


How To restore it?

I have shown you how to create full backup WordPress site. now you can restore your site anytime with this backup files. For restoring your WordPress site, go to your file manager from panel. Then jump to the public_html folder.

Backup WordPress

Upload your zip file from upload option. Then extract your file and import your database in phpMyadmin selecting import option.

Backup WordPress


Do you know how to install WordPress manually?



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