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Bringing visitor is the main job for those who have blog or Website. Some new blogger or website owners do some silly mistakes when the try getting some traffic.  This mistakes have a Long-term effects. Today i will tell you how to keep your traffic and make your blo/site easy to browse.

Changing Permalink without 301 Redirection

Permalink is an important part of SEO. If you have a blog I will suggest you use a clean permalink all the time. If you change your permalink every day it will lose traffic from your backlinks. So if it is not an emergency to changing permalinks, do not change it. or use 301 Permalink redirection. it will redirect your visitor from old to a new link.  after changing the permalinks also re-generate your sitemap to submit to search engines.


Sitemap Missing

For Submitting a site to search engines you must need a sitemap. WordPress SEO plugins have options to generate a sitemap automatically. If you submit your sitemap to google it will show you if you have any broken links. you can fix them easily.


.htaccess file

I have tried to write details about .htaccess file before .  Some bloggers uss .htaccess file to solve the permalink redirections . It’s an important file. You must be carefull before editing .htaccess. Keep backup before you do any changes. Otherwise you will not only lose your traffic but also may down your website.



Robot.txt file

Robot.txt is another important file for a website. When search engines comes to your blog/website, this file decides which page,post, images need to crawl. So, If you want a good position of your blog in search engine you need to customize your robot.txt file well. Do not disallow most of file or pages.


Theme Customization

Before making any customization in your theme try to take a backup of your current customization. If you fell into any problem you can easily reset it. Because some free themes may not adjust with tour plugins or codings.


WordPress Plugin

Do not install useless plugins on your site. Don’t even store them inactivly. Some times this useless plugins makes your site load  time high. So before using any plugin try to read their review and try to use custom coding without using plugins.


SEO Title and Description

If you have YOAST SEO or All in One SEO Pack installed you may take a look at your meta description and title. Otherwise it will be hard to get a good position in search engine.

Theme Changing

Do not change your theme Unnecessarily. Try to find a Free theme which suits your Website or Try to bus a premium theme . Changing you site design Unnecessarily makes your reguller visitor bore.


Site security

If you use a nulled theme check for mallicius or spam file before. Some times free nulled theme redirects your visitors to unwanted ads. This may cause losing your traffic. I personnaly prefer to not using ulled theme. There are som other things to think about Website Security . I will write a post later.


Changing SEO

If you use any SEO Plugin to your website do not change it unnecessarily.  Try to use a single Plugin to maintain your SEO Srategy. if you change your plugin when you having some traffic it will cause a great loss. Try to set a permanent Title and meta discription for your website.



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