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Suppose, You bought a domain after lots of thinking and research and also taken a Web Hosting. Also, completed building your website and already posted two contents too. But, not getting traffic ? Can’t understanding what to write next or what to do ? Those who starts blogging faces this common problem. Only one thing rolls over their mind, How could I get some topic to write !

If you run a niche site you can easily write 50-100 post by your own knowledge but what next? You need to write something that your readers expects from you. Don’t write same old topic. Visitor comes to your site for learning new things.

Today I will discuss those 8 points which will give you blogging ideas for your blog.

Blogging Ideas 1: Read, Read, Read

You need to read others blog as much as you can. It is important to read for any Authority Blogging. Try to read latest articles by famous bloggers. This will give you great blogging ideas for writing. Do not write what you read.  Write new articles along what you read with more updated information. Not only reading other blogs, reading a newspaper or a magazine will help you get blogging ideas too. Collect magazines, conference papers, the biography of famous person and their success stories. Then research your topic and write your content.

Blogging Ideas

Blogging Ideas 2: Try to know what other blogger say’s.

What other blogger saying or writing will help you get your blogging ideas. I am not saying to copy their content and rewrite it, It will be a great mistake for you. Read others writing because you will get your idea of blogging. If you want to be a good blogger you must do that.

Blogging Ideas 3: Find what people want in Forum and asking sites.

In forum and asking, sites people ask their problems for solution. Do surf in Forum sites and find what people ask most for a solution. Trust me its an effective way of getting blogging ideas. Just do a visit to Quora and search for questions which relate your niche. You will find there are so many people asking their problems for a solution and you will find so many ideas for writing your blog. There are almost every single keyword related questions in Quora. There are also thousands of asking forums available on the Internet.

Blogging Ideas

Blogging Ideas 4: Visit article directories regularly.

Article Directories can give you an idea for writing your blog content. Also, article directory is a strong mine of finding blogging ideas. Mainly, article directory is marketing policy for bringing traffic to a website. There will be more advertising that important content in article directories. So, for getting ideas for blog writing you can find more ideas from the single topic.

Blogging Ideas 5: Use Google Adwords tool

You can find your keyword ideas by putting a single keyword in Adwords tool. What people are searching on the internet can be found in AdWords tool. So, it can be a great way for finding ideas for blogging. It will also help you find keywords for your SEO.

Blogging Ideas

Blogging Ideas 6: Keep looking for latest news

For finding fresh and quality blogging ideas reading latest news can be your great source. It plays an important role for authority post in niche blog. If you present a news well it will bring you huge traffic from those who search Google for getting news. They will be your targeted traffic and will be your reguller reader. You can on google news alert on your browser. So, you will find the latest news easily. If you write content about the political or technology related topic it is most important for you to keep in touch with the latest news.

Blogging Ideas 7: Ask

It is another most important part of your blogging journey. You can ask your readers what they want to know next. It will also give some active commenter for your blog. Ask them to leave their thought. You can also do this on social media like Facebook or tweeter. If you try all these options you will find your success very soon.



Blogging Ideas 8: Check your analytics regularly

Setup google analytics in your site and checkup your user beaviour regularly. It will help you knowing which post is getting more views or which content bringing you traffic from search engine. Then research related keywords and write your new content. You can improve your blogging performancing by targeting keywords and writting quality content with those keywords.

There is so many methods for finding blogging ideas. I have discussed only 8. If you know more let me know in the comment section ( Another publicity stunt 😛 )


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