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Keyword is a word that you search at search engine to find your usefull content over the internet. In Search engine optimization this has an important role.  Many new comer web content developer don’t know how to search keywords or what is the importance of Keyword Research. Today i will try to write some basics of keyword researching.

Why you need keyword research ?

  • People try to find their information using keyword
  • Search engines try to show best results to its users
  • you need to know which keyword has more search volume
  • A keyword Researching tools help you finding which keyword has importance in search.

There are so many tools for researching keywords. Google Adwords,  wordtracker and keyword discovery are one of them .

Most people uses Google adwords because it is fast, free and user friendly.

Rules of Keyword Research

keyword research

There are no binding rules for keyword research. You can select keywords easily using some Paid tools. As we are not using any paid tools we need to know how to search keywords manually.

1. Brainstorming

You need to decide your traffics need. Are you working for a local or international market, your content is for male or female or selected age, try to set this first. For example: If you are selling furniture online, you need to target your customers or traffic of selected areas.

Correct keyword selection will bring you targeted traffic and this will help you gaining your profit.

2. Dividing keywords into different subjects

Set your keywords on your service or product.  Sometimes it won’t help you because you cant know what search terms are using your competitors.

3. Research

you can use keyword research tool for researching. Select your seed phrase for categories. or if you have an website go to google keyword research and put your desird keyword.

4. Compile

Now export a spreadsheet from keyword research tools. If you feel necessary you can re-categorized them.

5. Remove

You can remove any non-relevant phrase while your spreadsheet is open.  Try to remove those keywords which have low search count.  In this step try to be careful or discuss with your client.

6. Determine Competitiveness

Now you need to decide your plan . Do you want high competition or low. There will be separated competitiveness for each phrase. If you run against all phrase it will be hard to achieve your target. So set Keywords which will give you the visitor and has less competition.

We can divide phrase in 3 ways by its competitiveness:

  • highly competitive
  • fairly competitive
  • non-competitive

7. Select right Keywords

In this step, you can select your keywords easily. Try to remember these things before selecting your keywords.

  • number of searches
  • relevancy to your website
  • competitiveness level


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