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There is some basic and important WordPress Security issue to follow for new WordPress Developers. This security step can be followed by even a noobie. I tried to discuss some security steps in this article.

Quality Web Hosting

You can open a WordPress site using any cheap hosting. But if you have any long-term plan for your website try to buy hosting from trusted providers. Nowadays, anybody can open a web hosting company buying a Reseller Hosting.  They sell their product at a very low rate and forget about after sells service. Do not be attracted to them. Try to buy from a company who has good user reviews and better after sells service. When you are using Web hosting for the first time you will face struggles or make wrong every time. In that case, it will make your website down. So you just need someone who will support you solving your issue. So, keep in mind that “Good things are a little more expensive”

Update your WordPress

WordPress tries to fix their bugs and security issues on their every update. So it will be useful if you update your site regularly when you get an update. Hackers try to find out security issues from older versions. So you can stay safe updating your website.

Using Strong Password

Many use their name, mobile number or birthdate for the password. At least do not do this for your website. A hacker can easily guess your password by collecting your information. It won’t be very surprised if any hacker cracks down your password using your information. I will try to write an article about how to select a strong password for you. Try to use password mixing capital and small letter with symbols and numbers.

Do not use username as “admin”

When you install WordPress it uses the username as “admin” by default. Somebody never changes this. But for your WordPress Security reason try to not using it. Because hackers first try to hack with default username. and I hope you don’t wish to be hacked within their first attempt? So change it when you are installing WordPress or change it from your admin panel. How to change it? Check What You Need to Do After Installing WordPress


Avoid Free premium themes.

There are tons of free themes in wordpress.org directory.  but many new web developer uses a nulled version of premium themes. This theme contains malicious files and auto redirections or pop-ups, which will affect your traffic. I think you will not like if you are reading an article and it automatically redirects suddenly? Also, it has some security issue too. Try to buying themes from premium publishers and use them or try to use free WordPress theme.


Keep your Login secure

try to set Limit login on your login system. It will disallow users to log in if they try the wrong password again and again. It will prevent hackers if they try to login to your admin panel by guessing passwords. You can use WordPress “Limit Login Attempts” for making your job easy.


Safe Plugin

I personally prefer to not use so many plugin.  Try to use custom code for making any changes to your Website.  But sometimes it necessary to install plugins. Download plugins watching user reviews and ratings.  As like themes do not use cracked version of premium plugins. A defective plugin may cause making your website down or being hacked. So try to use Free plugins with good user review and ratings.

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