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Hello everyone, Hope you all are fine and enjoying Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals. Today will discuss what you need to know about starting Web Designing. Okay, let’s go to.

starting Web Designing

Basic HTML

For learning web designing you need to start with basic HTML. Full form of HTML is hypertext markup language. HTML is not a programming language. It’s a Markup Language. If you know HTML you can easily build up a Structure for your website. HTML has a wide place in Web Designing. You need it almost everywhere. For learning HTML you need to Know about Some Words related to HTML.

  • Element
  • Tag
  • Attribute

I will start an HTML Basic Course soon on my blog where you can easily learn some basic HTML.



If you want to decorate your website should know CSS. It is also a Markup Language. If we compare HTML to the bone of your site, CSS is flesh. After writing the HTML structure you need to think about giving style to it. CSS do this Job. If you want to learn Web Designing you must know CSS too. With only HTML and CSS you can make a simple static website easily. If you want to customize paragraph tag (<p></p>), Heading tag (<h1></h1>), changing web font , color , adding buttons etc you need CSS. The thing you need to keep on your mind is you must know HTML well before learning CSS.



If you want to be a great Web Designer you must know some basic Photoshop too. Not for making logo only, your Photoshop knowledge will help you a lot for being a web designer easily. You can make a sample outlook of your site. Then it will make your coding easier. If you don’t know advanced level Photoshop, don’t worry you can use it for resizing your images for website easily.


JavaScript if advanced level web designer. JavaScript is a Client Side Scripting language or Browser scripting. you need to know about JS because it has some important role for your site.


You can learn Quality web designing using JQuery.  It is a framework like JavaScript. So you can do so many things using it.


PHP is a web programming language. PHP is also known as Hypertext Preprocessor. This program help building your webpage faster. Before learning PHP you must know HTML and HTML form very well.


I will try to write step by step Web Coding and Programming basic on my blog you and will get some startup knowledge. wish to see you again.

Iftekhar Hossain Pritom

Author: Iftekhar Hossain Pritom

Hi there, I Iftekhar Hossain Pritom. a blogger, web developer, and designer. Studying BBA Hons.
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