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If you have a blog and regular traffic you can obviously generate a revenue by blog monetization. There is a different way to blog monetization. At present, the most reliable and guaranteed source for making money from online is blogging. Today I will discuss 4 working ways which will give you guaranteed revenue if you work little hard.

  • Writing product review. 
  • Online Courses
  • Google Adsense
  • Alternatives to google adsense

Blog Monetization


Writing product review

I think you already know what is affiliate marketing. When you sell a product from a seller is known an affiliation. And blogging is a great way to increase sells for an affiliate product.Amazon Affiliate is famous for affiliation. Write a review of the product and tell people why they should buy the product. Make niche site for your affiliate marketing. Try to not writing various products. Target a niche and do an analysis. You will get a commission every time when someone buys a product.

online course

Online Courses

Are you a professional in your working field? Do you know web designing, Graphics designing, Online Marketing, Programming, App Developing or just a BBA degree holder? This is just examples. You can start premium online courses and do blog monetization. Write courses on targeted topic and sell them online.


Google Adsense

At first, we need to know what is Adsense. Adsense is a service by Search Engine Giant Google. It shows the advertisement to blog or website and pays a percentage to the publishers. It’s a great way to blog monetization.

Why Google pay us? There is another service by google known as Adwords. People promote their advertizement for their website or product using adwords and pays money for their advertisement. And using Adsense a publisher shows their ads to their website and get a commission from google.  So if you have a blog and regular traffic Adsense will help you to boost your revenue from blog monetization. 

Alternatives to google adsense

Google Adsense terms are very strict. They can ban you from publishing advertising any time if you break any of their terms or policy. So, you can not earn anything from your blogging? No, you can. there are many Adsense alternatives available for blog monetization.


Media.net is the ultimate alternatives to Adsense. Its a contractual ad network. Means, It will show related ad to you content. This ad network own by Yahoo and Bing. So, you understand its Reliability and Faith. They pays through Paypal or direct wire transfer.


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