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The demand for Web Developing in Freelancing marketplace is increasing day by day. Although there is some difference between Web Designing and Development. Web Desing means how your website is going to look. Mainly, Designing tools, Photoshop, Illustrator used for designing Website. And for making this web design live you need to code it. This coding is known as web development. The number of Web Designing and Development jobs in the online marketplace like Upwrok.com or Freelancer is huge. So if you want to start Freelancing as your career you can do great in this sectors. Today I will write some Web Development Tips in my article which will help you build your freelancing career.

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Web Development Tips 1 | The consistency of Learning.

Before I start the Web Development Tips I need to tell you first, what you need to know for Web Development. Somebody tries to learn more than one when they start web development. It will be a blog for your Web Development learning. You can not continue your learning very far if you want to learn everything at once. You can list the topic you are going to learn. It will help you recovering small mistakes.

Web Development Tips 2 | Create a Perfect List

It is important to a Web Developer create a correct floating list first. Many don’t know this matter very well. For example, How to present a list in floating element? The answer is easy. You can go Plug and Play, Just add this CSS property in any floating element to the container.

display: block;overflow: hidden;

Now if you check your container in ant DOM inspector you will see your height attribute automatically corrected and it solved your problem.

Web Development Tips 3 | Sandbox

If you want to test your develped technique, CSS effect or any new transition you can do it with sandbox project. If your content doesn’t work with your expectation you can debug your codings using Sandbox.

Web Development Tips

Web Development Tips 4 | Web Inspector

Many Developer feels confused when choosing Web Inspector. It was so hard for a web developer using web inspector before coming it to out web browser feature. But now you can use the powerful inspectors in your Firefox, Chrome, Safari too for the testing stylesheet, image, and scripts. For using this tools you need to on your browser developer option.


Web Development Tips 5 | Firebug

This is a browser extension. Firebug will help you in coding and debug. If there is any problem with your image or CSS you can easily detect it with firebug and debug it. Firebug gives features for Broken image testing, Layout testing, Multiple screen size, cookies information, Markup validation and many more.

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Web Development Tips 6 |Do not make your Code Complex

Work by knowing the single responsibilities terms. Try to keep your code work different from one another. Eve. do not put more style within CSS of a button. Its known as button structure. Divide your button structures and button faces.

Because if you break any structure by mistake it will be easy to findout the broken structure.

Web Development Tips 7 | Secure your Website

Before bringing your site live sure its security first.  Go to ASafaWeb.com and be sure about your website security. MVP of Microsoft Trony Hunt suggested that you can find out your websites security details and fix them easily with ASafaWeb.

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Web Development Tips 8 | Team Tracker

Use Pivotal Tracer and Pivotal Booster to track your bug and project management. There are also so many tools available for this. But by the language of Unboxed Consulting Team Pivotal Tracker is simple and easy to use for the website.

Web Development Tips

Web Development Tips 9 |Perfect Pictures

You can do a comparison to your web font and primary design using Pixel Perfect. Just install a small extension to your Browser and it will help you to overlay your jpeg over the web design. Also, you can check every detail of your image pixel that is using to your website.

Web Development Tips

Web Development Tips 10 |Fized Position

You may need to use a fixed navigation or a contact bar at the end of your website. When you are going to think about mobile devices you need to keep it in mind that some mobile browser supports fixed class. So you need to keep this in your Mind too.

Which mobile device supports Fixed CSS attribute?

  • Safari browser of IOS 5 above.
  • Above Android 3
  • Blackberry 7 Up



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